Ghost and Paranormal Evidence Detectives

14:43 min

Join your host, Xavier von Seven, on a haunted investigation in the pilot episode of Bearqueft's new show, Ghost and Paranormal Evidence Detectives. This episode provides evidence to finally verify to the world ghosts are real! Watch as hardcore ghost detectives delve deep into the metaphysical realms and retrieve irrefutable proof. Science and reality will never be the same.

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Bearqueft TV

Bearqueft TV is an anthology series of surreal vignettes, a video collage that takes place in an alternate reality where VHS and 90’s technology are all that is known.

Episode I (9:40 min)

Episode II (10:28 min)

Episode III (14:37 min)

Days of the Night

11:56 min

Called to a familiar scene, Detective Vincent Carmichael investigates an occult conspiracy in a small town. With each new piece of evidence he discovers, he comes closer to succumbing to the darkness.

(Also featured in Bearqueft TV)

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Dog Dare

4:00 min

Short film created for the 2016 HMAF 72-hour Film Competition

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Nice Try: The Robin Thomas Graley Story

33:32 min

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Approaching 40, former musician, Robin Thomas Graley, lives life as a recluse. "Nice Try" follows a documentary crew determined to unravel his dark past. Through archival footage, interviews, and firsthand accounts, we witness the rise and fall of a fragile musical genius.

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19:07 min

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Four friends embark on a journey for truth when one of them begins to exhibit abnormal behavior. Tension rises as Fitz, Charles, and Todd discover just how big of a weirdo Simon really is while driving full-speed through the blur that lies between friendship and reality.

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9:24 min

Detective Target Harrison is a drug-crazed cop on a downward spiral toward destruction. He has given up on his job, his morals, and his world. Fueled by paranoia and violence, Target Harrison searches through the human wasteland of his city for one man ... Georgio Barjonni. The only problem is, what if Georgio Barjonni is already one step ahead of him?

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